Here are some of the reviews of "Camel Karma"

Köhler-Rollefson’s love and concern for camels and the Raika shines in her easy style of story-telling, often slipping into Indian English idiom. This is a story of the author’s work, the flux in Raika society, the lack of value accorded to pastoral economy, and lives of camels skilfully braided together.
— Janaki Lenin, Outlook Traveller
the book is as much about the Raika as it is about camels ... This well-organised, lucidly-written book is an eye-opener, and no, camels are not the sneering grouches they have been made out to be!
— Ranjit Lal, The Indian Express
A wonderful story and a ripping read.
— Vasant Saberwal, Biblio
The writing is beautiful ... This is one of the best travelogues you’ll be reading this year ... informative and entertaining.
— Rucha Wankhede, Indian Nerve